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Narlyn Pagsanjan :
i still dont have my 10,000 pts
" Narlyn Pagsanjan Email : [email protected] Tel No. : Website : when do u think i would get my 10,000 points? please help "

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04/07/2019 15:02
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Please put the avatar in your account to see you are real human! 
17/02/2019 07:48
Please update your TBC009 Wallet into your profile thank you and god bless  
07/02/2019 13:06
God bless to all 
03/02/2019 08:17
Philippines caravan full tbc kringle payment!
We have planned caravan in Philippines for full kringle payment. 
03/02/2019 08:15
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Make sure you have lifetime TBC009 web wallet. Processing kringle coins within this week.